Rescuing Mata Ŋa Rahu

Ŋa Rahu, located in Orongo, is a group of huge rocks carved with petroglyphs related to the Tangata Manu ceremony, is one of the sites in the Rapa Nui Park that is endangered, because of the evident risk of falling from the cliff and losing them forever.

Due to the concern for the erosion of the cliff and the state in which Mata Nga Rahu is right now, member of the World Monument Fun arrived to Rapa Nui, who along with Ma’u Henua are developing a project that considers two key elements: a technical study and the socialization of the project through a participative collaboration with the Rapanui people.

Mata Ŋa Rahu already counts with some very good quality studies, but the most recent ones are from the year 2013, which was oriented in the study of the rocks; and the other one in the year 2014, about the conservation state of the site and its archeology. Sadly, no implementation measures were taken after the results of these studies.

This new team conformed by professionals in archeology, geology, conservation and Rapanui people, updated the whole information source and developed a series of recommendations to stop the rocks from falling and losing these vestiges, to continue with the next step which is to socialize with the Rapanui community (owners and protectors of this heritage), in order to show them the tools that there are, hoping that these methods will help them understand and decide what to do with this emergency. Once the decision is taken the next step is to identify the resources and collect the funds to assist the recommended implementation. Part of this is knowledge transfer from both sides, to accompanied the definition process to the common destiny we hope to achieve, which is to preserve the site.