Fire in Rano Raraku

The morning of October 4th, the volcano Rano Raraku was reached by a devastating fire that affected the crater, the wetland and the surroundings of it. This fire was controlled after two days in October 6th. 

This fire generated a huge and irreversible damage for our cultural and environmental heritage, considering the archeological and scenic damage.

It is estimated that at least 30 Moai were calcinated, along with other valuable archeological remains located on the inside and outside of the crater. It was also possible to verify the damage of other natural components specially after the loss of native vegetative species, birds and insects that lived in the interior of the wetland, which was completely burned.

It's important to signal that we are nowadays working in the archeological and environmental diagnosis report related to the state of our damaged heritage. However, in the preview issued report, it’s pointed that around 60 hectares of natural and patrimonial terrain were affected by the fire.

The causes of this accident are not determined yet, but we do not dismiss the possibilities that they could have been caused intentionally, for which the proper investigations are on course.  

As the Indigenous Community Ma’u Henua, we absolutely condemn these actions that affect our heritage and the common benefit, for which we will follow and pursue any instance to support the investigations and finally condemn the responsible.

We are now working on a plan that could help us take the necessary safeguard measures for the Rapa Nui National Park to prevent these types of situations.