Tapati Rapa Nui 2023!

With a powerful message towards Women, Vai Tiare Flores Riroroco was crowned Queen of the Tapati Rapa Nui 2023, a cultural festival that values the legacy of our ancestors and keeps us as a living culture.

After almost 3 years of confinement, product of the pandemic, Rapa Nui opened up to the world to share the celebration of this party with all visitors. What began as "the spring festival", a celebration for the Rapanui as a tribute to our ancestors, is now an instance to share the culture among ourselves and with the tourists who come to enjoy it, every first half of February.

Ancestral sports, artisanal, agricultural, gastronomic competitions, artistic and musical performances, dance competitions, singing, ancestral expressions, parade with floats, coronation of the queen, are some of the disciplines and activities that take place during this festivity that takes place in an emotional, fraternal and very mystical atmosphere.

This year, the Tapati vibrated for a week and, once finished, preparations begin for the one that will come in 2024, in which we hope to receive many more visitors with whom we will share the legacy of our Tupuna and the creativity and charm of our people.