What is the Rapa Nui National Park?

The PNRN is an area that covers 43% of the territory of Rapa Nui. It is a protected wilderness area, a large archaeological reserve, and a World Heritage Site.

How many tourist visitation sites does the PNRN have?

Oroŋo, Vinapū, Vaihū, Akahaŋa, Rano Raraku, Ahu Toŋariki, Te Pito Kura, Haŋa Rau (Anakena), Tahai, Vai a Mei, Roiho, Ahu Akivi y Puna Pau.

What documents must I have to enter the sites?

You must have your entrance ticket to the park, which is personal and non-transferable (you must buy through our website), and present your personal identification.

How many sites can I visit with this ticket?

You can enter the 13 sites enabled to visit, more than once, (as long as they are accompanied by a guide or host), except Oroŋo and Rano Raraku, the most fragile sites in the park, which can only be visited ONCE .

How long does the ticket last?

The ticket is valid for 10 days from your arrival in Rapa Nui.

What are the muto'i?

He is a worker of the Indigenous Community, which fulfills the objective of maintaining the safety of people, caring for and safeguarding the cultural heritage in the visitation sites and delivering important information for visitors.

Are there restrooms available in the park?

The park has 3 toilets, located at the Oroŋo, Rano Raraku and Haŋa Rau (Anakena) sites. Keep them in mind when planning your tour.

What are the park's opening hours?

It is from Monday to Sunday, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Except for Ahu Toŋariki, which opens at sunrise and Tahai, which closes at sunset.

Can I enter the park without the company of a guide?

No. It is mandatory to enter the park, accompanied by an accredited local guide or a Rapanui host, of legal age.

How can I find an accredited guide?

On our website you will find an extensive list of accredited guides, their information and their personal contacts.

How can I get more detailed information about the park and its rules?

On our website you can find and download the map of the island and the Visitor's Guide to your mobile devices, necessary and important tools to keep with you and study them before visiting the park.

Who should I go to if I have questions?

If you are in the city of Haŋa Roa and have questions, you can go to our information office, located at Kiri Reva s/n, (at the back of the craft fair). If you are in the park, go to a Muto'i, (worker of the Ma'u Henua Indigenous Community), he is the authority in the park, he will give you information, instructions and recommendations. Ask for their help if you need it.