Welcome to Rapa Nui

In order to be prepared to start your trip,
and not to run into unexpected surprises that could ruin your experience with us,
we advise you to follow these recommendations:

To fly:

Is important to have certain documents that you will have to show in the airport the day you take your flight to Rapa Nui:

  • Identification document, passport or any other official traveling document.
  • Return ticket from Rapa Nui to Santiago; in which the length of your stay cannot be longer than 30 days.
  • Accommodation booking confirmation, authorized by SERNATUR, in which the address should be detailed, or an invitation letter from a Rapanui or an enabled resident, according to the article Nº6 of the Law 21.070.
  • Unique entrance Form or “Formulario Único de Ingreso (FUI)”, which you should complete at least 48 hours before your flight. After completing this form, you will receive an e-mail confirmation that you will have to show at immigration at the airport. If you don’t fill this form, you won’t be able to embark. To complete the form, click on this link: https://ingresorapanui.interior.gob.cl/

You should organize in advanced your visit to our island. For that, once you purchase your flight ticket, we have the following recommendations:

  • Purchase here your entrance ticket to the Park, which will allow you to visit the enabled sites for tourists.
  • Download in your device, the Map of the island and the Visitors Guide,in which you will find the Park’s rules and norms and all the information you need to know before your visit.
  • Contact here a Ma’u Henua accredited guide, which will help you and allow you to have an unforgettable experience in Rapa Nui. You can also contact any of the tour agencies by entering directly to their websites.